Our priorities for 2021/22

Corporate plan

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) corporate plan outlines how we will work with government to support people over the 2021/22 financial year; whilst continuing our decade-long vision for greater financial wellbeing so that in the future everyone can make the most of their money and pensions.

The plan is built around MaPS’ statutory remit: to focus on helping the vulnerable and those most in need through its customer services in debt advice, money and pensions guidance. It draws inspiration from a fresh new mission, outlined in the corporate plan for the first time:

‘We help people – particularly those most in need – to improve their financial wellbeing and build a better, more confident future. Working collaboratively across the UK, we make sure customers can access high quality money and pensions guidance and debt advice throughout their lives, however and whenever they need it.’

Sir Hector Sants


“Many households, already in a precarious financial situation before the current crisis, are now struggling to keep afloat. MaPS has a statutory remit to focus on helping those most in need and in vulnerable circumstances. We do this by supporting people day-to-day to build financial resilience throughout their lives, as well as during two of the most important financial circumstances they may ever experience: being in financial crisis and planning for their futures.

“When people feel more in control of their finances, individuals and communities are healthier, businesses are more prosperous and the economy benefits.”

Caroline Siarkiewicz

Chief executive

“Our corporate plan outlines how MaPS will work with government to support people’s finances and help improve their lives from today, so we can all build for a better financial tomorrow. We are fully focused on helping people repair their finances and prepare for their futures.

“Through our expert guidance, high quality debt advice, digital tools and services and by collaborating with others, we will help people build financial wellbeing now so that in the future everyone can make the most of their money and pensions.”

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