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Money touches every aspect of our lives. Money guidance is often given as part of wider services provided by thousands of diverse organisations and practitioners.

If you talk to your customers about money, our programme is here to help you do that.

Who is the Money Guiders programme for?

  • anyone who provides any type of non-regulated money guidance to individuals or groups
  • anyone based in the UK across all four nations – from larger organisations with national coverage through to smaller and local groups
  • community workers, housing officers, mental health workers, volunteers, welfare officers, energy advisers and money mentors, to name a few of the many roles delivering money guidance
  • those working with young adults through to older and retired people.

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The Money Guidance Competency Framework

The Money Guidance Competency Framework sets out the core competencies needed to provide a safe, quality service for customers. It is designed for anyone who provides any type of money guidance whatever their sector or job role.


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Ways to use the competency framework

Using the framework will help you think more clearly and carefully about money guidance. It can give you confidence that you're doing the right thing by your customers. It can also help you spot ways to improve the conversations you have about money.

You can use it for job role and career planning, and to inform HR practices. And remember, you're not alone! You can use the framework as a focus for discussions with other people that have conversations about money with their customers.

There are no rules. How you use the framework is up to you. Here are some suggestions, but you shouldn't feel limited by them. You might have better ideas, in which case - go for it.

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