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MoneyHelper is here to make your money and pension choices clearer. Here to cut through the complexity, explain what you need to do and how you can do it. Here to put you in control with impartial guidance that’s backed by government and to recommend further, trusted support if you need it. For clear money help that’s on your side and free to use, just search for MoneyHelper:

MoneyHelper is our consumer-facing service, providing free and impartial money and pensions guidance for people all across the UK.

Created in June 2021, MoneyHelper brings together the financial guidance services and content from our legacy brands, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. 

For clear money help that’s on your side and free to use, just search for ‘MoneyHelper‘.

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We offer free, clear and impartial money and pensions guidance direct to people through our digital channels, printed guides and consumer helplines. You can be sure any content you share from us will enable the people you support to get the right help when they need it.

We also know many of them may be feeling financially squeezed right now as we emerge from the pandemic and are facing new financial challenges in uncertain times. Struggling to stay on top of bills, dealing with reduced incomes, rising living costs or job loss can leave people feeling like they don’t know where to turn. 

That’s why we’ve created new actionable content packages, including bite-sized online guides, tools, videos, social media posts and printed assets for you to use in your channels to raise awareness and provide your employees, customers and service users with trusted money guidance in the way they want to access it.

Topic areas covered include:

  • a quick, easy-to-use Bill prioritiser that sorts out the bills and payments to deal with first and explains how to avoid missing payments
  • bite-size guidance to help squeezed incomes go further, including how to track your spending, cut back on costs and what extra support is available
  • coping with job loss or redundancy, knowing legal rights, how to protect finances and move forward
  • and tailored money guidance for the self-employed, including topping up income and managing irregular earnings.

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As many face an unprecedented squeeze on their budgets, MaPS has developed content, tools and guidance to give people the right information quickly, directing them to trusted information and partners.

Our MoneyHelper-branded Cost of Living campaign is making people aware of what we can offer and is directing people to the free and impartial money guidance available for people across the UK.

We now need your support to make sure that the campaign is as effective as possible by integrating and amplifying it through your channels.

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Whilst our legacy organisations (Money Advice Service and the Pensions Advisory Service) changed to MoneyHelper, Pension Wise has moved as a named service from MoneyHelper. 

With the launch of MoneyHelper all our retirement and pensions guidance has been brought together, including the Pension Wise service.  

All Pension Wise material (including the signpost letter) has been updated into the new branding, and your customers should be directed to

Download Pension Wise signpost letter

Download Pension Wise brand guidelines and logos

Frequently asked questions

Why did MaPS create a new brand?

Since MaPS was formed in 2019, it continued to operate the three legacy consumer brands of the Money Advice Service, The Pensions Advisory Service and Pensions Wise. MaPS was created as a single body to bring together these services to provide one destination allowing more people to find and access our services.

Why MoneyHelper?

We carried out extensive research to find the most effective way of bringing our three legacy brands together as one. Through this research, we concluded that a new single consumer brand would be most effective at achieving our aims. Following consumer research, financial analysis and careful consideration of the available options, MoneyHelper was selected as the strongest performing brand name to take us forward.

When did MoneyHelper launch?

On 30 June 2021, the MoneyHelper website went live. Our three legacy websites – Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service – are no longer active. However to ensure a smooth transition, anyone trying to visit those websites will be redirected to the most applicable MoneyHelper page. 

What happened to the legacy brands?

Our legacy brands – the Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service – and the services they provided are now delivered by MoneyHelper. This means the brands of the Money Advice Service and The Pensions Advisory Service are no longer used, while Pension Wise will continue to operate as a service provided by MoneyHelper.

Can you still access the legacy websites?

Our three legacy websites – from the Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service – are no longer active, however anyone trying to visit those websites will be redirected to the most applicable MoneyHelper page.

What is the difference between MaPS and MoneyHelper?

The Money and Pensions Service was created to act as our corporate brand, one that is protected through legislation. MaPS will remain our corporate brand, and how we engage with partners, industry stakeholders and partners. MoneyHelper is provided by the Money and Pensions Service and will be how consumers see and access us moving forwards.

What has happened to the legacy websites?

The content previously on our legacy brand websites has moved to the new MoneyHelper website – making it clearer and easier for people to find the information that they need to move forwards. Website redirects are now live, so anyone trying to access one of the legacy websites will automatically be redirected to the like-for-like page on the MoneyHelper website. The MaPS website will continue to function as our stakeholder-facing website.

Have the services provided by MaPS changed?

No, the services that we provide have not changed – they are just delivered in one place by MoneyHelper.

Have the tools remained the same? 

As part of the consolidation of three brands into one, we decided to discontinue some of our tools. This has enabled us to provide a better and enhanced consumer experience – a single source of information and guidance where information can easily be found in one place.   

What do we need to do to accommodate the change?

We have published a toolkit containing all the MoneyHelper information and guidance you will need. If you haven’t already, you can use this toolkit to make the necessary changes to your material and signposting to reflect our new brand.

We are here to help. If you have further questions that you feel aren’t covered in the resources on this page, get in touch with us at

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