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The role that parents and carers play in talking to their children about money is key. Talk Learn Do is a financial capability intervention that was originally piloted across Wales in 2016–17 and delivered as part of two existing parenting courses, the Family Links Nurturing Programme and Incredible Years.

The two-hour session aimed to encourage parents of 3 – 11-year-olds to talk to their children about money and create opportunities for their children to experience managing it.

Resources for policymakers

This video webinar for policymakers in Wales, run by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) and Campaign for Learning, shares more about Talk Learn Do, and how it could help the families you work with.

Resources for practitioners to support parents

Explore further resources to help parents talk about money with children of different ages from our consumer website, MoneyHelper.

Evaluation of Talk Learn Do

The final evaluation of the project, which was co-funded by Big Lottery Wales, reveals that Talk Learn Do was highly successful in achieving its objectives and had a positive impact on a number of measures. These include: parents’ knowledge on how to talk to their children about money; children’s ability to handle and manage money; and parents’ own over-indebtedness.

Evaluating recent Talk Learn Do projects

If you’re involved in delivering or designing financial education support initiatives for parents and families, these reports – which build on learnings from the pilot – will help to inform your policy development and practical solutions.

Overall, recent evaluation reports show an overwhelmingly positive view of the Talk Learn Do programme from practitioners and parents across the UK. They highlight what more could be done to ensure delivery remains effective, including moving to digital delivery.

Read recent evaluation reports for Talk Learn Do

Read a summary of all Talk Learn Do evidence

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